Better and Simpler URL Shortening

We have just made a few important corrections to the gray bookmarklet button in the top-right of the website. This button is labelled “Qery”.

Previously, not all (very) long URL’s were copied correctly into the text field on the website. We have corrected this and have made sure that every URL is always copied correctly from the browser location bar (usually at the top of your browser window) into the text field on the website.

What should you do?

If you have previously dragged the gray bookmarklet button onto your bookmarks bar or if you have saved this bookmarklet as a link in your collection of links or favourites, you should now remove that bookmarklet or link. After deleting the old bookmark, you can simply drag the updated button from the website onto your bookmarks bar again, or save it to your links or favourites like before.

We hope that this update will make even more useful for you.

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