A Little Success Story – Color Converter

Let me share a little success story with you. One of the most successful commercial products I have created with RunRev is Color Converter. I released Color Converter 1.0 almost 3 years ago and since that time Economy-x-Talk has sold numerous licenses for this product.
During those years I spent a few 100 euro on Revolution licenses and spent about two weeks programming. During the past 3 years I earned back my investment multiple times. RunRev is the ideal development environment for this little application. The way RunRev converts pictures to imageData makes complex analyses really easy. RunRev allows me to write a complex tool with minimum effort.

Unfortunately, there is one persistent problem. Almost all customers giving feedback on this application complain about the lack of multiple monitors support. It is impossible to make a snapshot of a secondary monitor and the mouseColor function reports incorrect values outside the main screen. For these features, I am completely dependent on RunRev Ltd. and I can only hope these bugs will be fixed. It has to be said, when the “answer color” command appeared to be broken, RunRev was quick to fix this, which kind of saved my product.

Nonetheless, it is easy to move a window to another monitor to allow Color Converter to do it’s thing and the bugs don’t stop people from using my little utility every day. Yesterday, I released Color Converter 3.0 and I’m sure it is going to be another success. This new version adds the capability to resize pictures to it’s feature set.
You can download Color Converter at:

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