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Compression Tool for Mac OS X

Here’s a little gift for you. A long time ago, I needed to be able to create zip files that don’t include the .DS_Store files. The zip routine of Economy-x-Talk’s Compression Tool doesn’t include these files and thus produces a nice clean file suited for distribution amongst Windows users.


Besides zip files, this utility also created files in gzip, tar and tgz (gzipped tar) format. All formats can be decompressed by Mac OS X, except for zip files with password protection.
For now, this utility compresses only. Decompression features may be added later. Go to our website to download Compression Tool. There, you can also read more about it.

A Game for Kids: Multiplication Bingo


Economy-x-Talk and Judy Perry co-operated to create a nice attractive little game for kids. Multiplication Bingo is a fun way to learn your multiplication tables. Based upon the easy and popular game of Bingo, it presents the learner with a randomized series of multiplication problems within each multiplication family. The greater the number of correct responses, the greater likelihood of achieving bingo. There are at least two opportunities to achieve bingo for each family (included are twos through twelves).


The learner can select a particular family to work on or can choose from three sets of bingos containing problems from multiple families. Bright colours, easy-to-read numbers and fun sound effects combine to make this an enjoyable way to learn multiplication. Created by a teacher for her own children to learn their multiplication tables. Even though they’ve since moved beyond that need, they still love to play it. Kid tested and approved!

You can download Bingo from our website at and after purchase your license is sent to you automatically —no waiting, instant joy!

Get current remote connections with LiveCode on MS Windows XP/Vista/7

This is a script to check the remote desktop connections to your computer. Syntax:


where User is the name of a user with an account on that particular computer (or server).

false: returns true if connections have been established, false of not
true: returns the names of the currently logged in users
user (in quotes): returns true if that particular user is logged in, false otherwise

function rdConnection theName
   if the platform is not “Win32” then return empty
   set the hideConsoleWindows to true
   put shell(“qwinsta”) into myConnections
   filter myConnections with “*Active*”
   if theName is empty or theName is false then
      repeat for each line myLine in myConnections
         if word 4 of myLine is “Active” then
            put myLine & cr after myNewList
         end if
      end repeat
      delete last char of myNewList
      return (myNewList is not empty)
   else if theName is true then
      repeat for each line myLine in myConnections
         if word 4 of myLine is “Active” then
            put word 2 of myLine & cr after myNewList
         end if
      end repeat
      return myNewList
   else // theName is not empty
      if word 2 of myLine is theName then
         put myLine & cr after myNewList
      end if
      delete last char of myNewList
      return (myNewList is empty)
   end if
end rdConnection

Installer Maker Plugin 1.5.1 for LiveCode has been released – Happy New Year!

Hello! Happy New Year to all of you! I wish you all success in business and carreer and happiness in your family!

Economy-x-Talk has released a new version of the Installer Maker Plugin. This update fixes a problem that prevented Linux users from registering and several other smaller problems. More info can be found at .


This update is free for everyone who bought a (new) license during the past 3 months. Upgrades are available at half the original price.