Monthly Archives: August 2011

How to advertise your software

I’m always very much against “how to make money”-ads. I never click on them and I strongly advice you not to click on them, too. Nonetheless, I made a “how-to-make-money”-presentation for shareware developers. It is a lenghty treatise of almost 2 hours –sorry about that.

The first hour of this movie is a long and boring discussion of basic stuff that you really need to have heard at least once before you start advertising your software. The second hour shows a few things about the Facebook advertising network and gives a demo of the Project Wonderful system.

Streaming live video by Ustream

Yes, I know that not everything is clear and maybe there are a few flaws. I know this and there is no need to contact me about it. Yet I do believe this presentation contains lots of useful stuff for those who are about to start marketing activities for their own small companies. Enjoy.