Monthly Archives: February 2012

Show and Hide Backdrop in LiveCode with AppleScript

Sometimes, I need to make screenshots of LiveCode applications with a white background. Because LiveCode’s backdrop is black by default and I scripts may set the backdrop to a different colour, I often have to set the backdrop to white from the message box. To avoid the need for typing, I decided to make a simple AppleScript script to set the backdrop to white:

set myScript to “trynif the backdrop is not “none” then set the backdrop to none else set the backdrop to whitencatch myErrnreturn myErrnend try”
tell application “LiveCode 5.0.2”
    do script myScript
    return myScript
end tell

I have save the script and created a user scripts folder in the Scripts menu as shown in the picture below.


Now, whenever I select the script from the menu, the backdrop is set to none if a backdrop is currently visible and it is set to white of no backdrop is currently visible.