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Launcher X – a classic dock replacement

Remember the Mac OS Classic application Launcher? Launcher X is a replacement for everyone who still isn’t used to the dock of Mac OS X —or for everyone who likes to have some fun with a Classic feature on Mac OS X.


If you don’t know about Mac OS 9, you might want to know what Launcher X does. Just drag any file, application of folder into the Launcher X window and a link to the item is created. When you click once on the icon in Launcher X, the application, folder or file with open right-away.

Because Launcher X has the ability to create multiple groups of icons, you can store many more icons in Launcher X then in the dock of Mac OS X. Moreover, you can organise your groups the way you like. You’re not forced to keep applications on the left and folders and files on the right, as with the OSX dock.

Launcher X was created with Livecode. If you are interested in Launcher X, just drop us a note. Go to and fill out the contact form. We will reply with a download link.