Installer Maker Plug-in and Open-Source

kickstarterNow that the open-source initiative for LiveCode has been successful, it is time to make clear where we stand. Economy-x-Talk has quite a few products for LiveCode developers, who might include these products in their own projects. Installer Maker is evidently distributed together with other projects. Would there be any conflicts between closed and open-source license conditions, if Installer Maker is used to distribute open-source products? Not from our point of view, but there are a few issues you might want to keep in mind.

The Installer Maker license isn’t necessarily in contradiction with relatively flexible open source licenses. As long as you consider the installer as a way to distribute your software rather than as a part of your software, you can use Installer Maker for your open-source project. Only very strict open-source licenses might prohibit this.

Most discussions about whether it is allowed to combine open-source and closed-source software in one project boils down to the question whether the software is linked dynamically or statically. First of all, one might argue that Installer Maker and the open-source software it is supposed to install aren’t linked at all, because there is no functional relationship between the two.

Second, any linkage would be dynamical, because to embed a project in Installer Maker, neither Installer Maker nor the open-source project needs to be modified. (Statically linked software needs to be modified before it is compiled, because the programming code contains calls to the “other” software and these calls combine the two projects into one big new open-source project, which doesn’t happen in the case of Installer Maker).

Because the Installer Maker plugin is protected by a password, you can’t use the plugin in the open-source version of LiveCode. The OS version of LiveCode doesn’t include the password routine necessary to open password-protected stacks. You need to use the standalone version of Installer Maker instead.

Therefore, you may assume that you can safely use the standalone version of Installer Maker with most open-source projects, particularly with the open-source version of LiveCode. In case of any doubts, please consult with a legal expert.

You can find the standalone version of Installer Maker at .

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