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Programming LiveCode…

Now that the second print run of my book is being shipped, I’d like to write a few words. Last week, we sent almost 20 books all over the world.

I would like to ask everyone, again, to make sure that you provide us with a correct e-mail address when you order the book. Three people ordered the book with false contact information and it took a tremendous effort to find out who those people are and where they live. Please, make sure PayPal, your credit card company and your bank have your correct e-mail (if applicable), name and address and make sure to check this before, and not after, placing your order.

When you receive the book, please fill out the questionnaire at . Your feedback is very important, because we use it to improve the book and our services. The questionnaire contains questions that we really need you to answer, even if you decide not to buy it. Another place for feedback is our Q&A website at . Here you can post your questions and comments and discuss the book with other readers.

One issue that has become apparent from the survey is the price perception. There is little we can do about the price, because it just happens to be the total cost of printing and packaging the book, plus all taxes and postage and a minimal margin. However, we have made it easier to get a discount. From now on, we will apply a discount to any order of 10 books or more. The discount is at least 5 euro per book. User groups, book shops and schools always get a discount, if they order more than 1 book (note that all books must be sent to one single address). Contact us for a quote.

I will say more about the survey in another e-mail. I suppose there are people on this mailing list who would like to read some answers. For now, additional general info about the book can be found at .

N.B. You may get a free copy by liking Programming Livecode… on Facebook.  The URL is and as soon as we have 1000 ´likes’ we’ll raffle off 10 copies.

Strõm Flow Chart Software Project Updated!

flow screenshotThe Strõm Flow Chart Software Project got updated! Version 1.2.2 of the flow chart software program should fix an annoying bug, which would show an error dialog every now and then. Additionally, we are preparing the Strõm Flow Chart Software Project for a big update. To make this possible we need to make some small changes in advance. We have started implementing these changes in 1.2.2 and will gradually complete the adjustments. When 2.0 arrives, you will be able to convert documents saved with 1.2.2 or later only. Therefore, we recommend everyone updating to the latest version of Strõm  now! Strõm 1.2.2 is a free update for current license holders!

More info at: