Answering a few questions about the LiveCode book

A few people have asked me whether my book is still relevant, now that LiveCode 7 handles text differently and LiveCode 8 will provide a number of significant new features. The book is mainly about the scripting language. More than 99% of the LiveCode language has continued to work from Revolution 3.5 till LiveCode 8. Probably, more than 99.9% of the language as discussed in my book, still works in LiveCode 8 (and probably future versions too).

Currently, I have no plans to rewrite the book. If I ever do so, I would probably focus on the new properties inspector and new text features, not so much on widgets and html5. This way, the book will serve its purpose best: an introduction to LiveCode for real beginners.

I have also been asked if I’m going to write more books about LiveCode. Probably I will. One book is making good progress and will be available in a few months; hopefully before the end of summer, but only when I’m satisfied about it.

The question I get most frequently is about publishing an e-book. It has to be said again: Programming LiveCode for the Real Beginner will not be published as an e-book. I might decide to publish an e-book some time, but it won’t be this book.

If you have any more questions, please read this blog post It answers almost all questions. You can also send an e-mail to

Cover of Programming LiveCode for the Real Beginner

Cover of Programming LiveCode for the Real Beginner

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