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Create Your Installer With LiveCode

The Installer Maker Plugin is a tool to build installers for Windows and Mac OS X from your LiveCode standalones. Wrapping a standalone in an installer is just a matter of minutes. There are also special options available, which allow you to include a Read Me file, to start your programme automatically after installation and more.

If you want to use Installer Maker as a standalone application,
then you need to download the application here.
Licenses are valid for both the standalone version and the plug-in version.

The current version works fine on Mac OS X and Windows. You can also build installers for Windows and Mac OS X while running LiveCode on Linux.
The Installer Maker Plugin window
If you have any questions about Installer Maker, please send an e-mail.

With this product, you will streamline that last part of your production flow: preparing for distribution. Now, you can do it all with one and the same tool: your LiveCode IDE.

A license costs 39 euro (approximately 50 dollar) and entitles you to 3 months of free updates. You are also entitled to a 50% discount if you renew your license within 1 year.

We have provided ample instructions, pictures and videos. A video tutorial is available here. You are always welcome to send e-mails with questions about Installer Maker.

A license entitles you to one support incident. A license is valid for multiple computers, but for only one user (please refer to the license conditions provided with the software).

Installer Maker Plugin feature list

The Installer Maker Plugin for LiveCode contains the following main features:
Scroll down to buy a license.

Installer Maker 1.8.9

Installer Maker 1.8.8

Installer Maker 1.8.7

Installer Maker 1.8.6

Installer Maker 1.8.5

Installer Maker 1.8.4

Installer Maker 1.8.3

Installer Maker 1.8.2

Installer Maker 1.8.1

Installer Maker 1.8.0

Installer Maker 1.7.17

Installer Maker 1.7.16

Installer Maker 1.7.15

Installer Maker 1.7.14

Installer Maker 1.7.13

Installer Maker 1.7.12

Installer Maker 1.7.11

Installer Maker 1.7.10

Installer Maker 1.7.9

Installer Maker 1.7.8

This version corrects a problem with button labels in the Installer while using LiveCode 5.5

Installer Maker 1.7.7

Installer Maker 1.7.6

Earlier Noteworthy Changes

Download Installer Maker Plugin for LiveCode

There are two different versions. We have a web installer and a full installer. The full installer is recommended if you want to download once and install on many different computers, for example on a local network. The web installer is recommended for everyone else. The web installer can be included in your e-mails to friends who want to install the plug-in too.

Important note for license holders: only download and update if your license is less than three months old. If your license is older, buy an upgrade first. Always keep a backup of the Installer Maker Plugin installer file in a safe place.

Installer Maker Plug-In, complete installerDownload8.5MB
Installer Maker Plug-in, web installerDownload60K
Read Me (PDF)Download60K

Buy License

Please, don't forget to enter your real name. You don't need a PayPal account to pay for your upgrade. Just click on "Pay with Credit or Debit Card" to proceed if you have no PayPal account.

Your real name

Click one of the buttons to buy a license for
Installer Maker Plugin for LiveCode.

Even though you can now use the Installer Maker plugin to create your own installers for your standalone programmes, we understand that creating a complete set-up can still be quite complicated. You don't need to worry, because we continue to offer our installer building service. You can read more about our installer building service here.


Please, enter your serial number in the field below:

Is your license more than 3 months old? This means that your license key won't work with the current version of the Installer Maker Plugin. Fortunately, you can upgrade to the latest version at a very modest price. An upgrade costs only EUR 16.95. The upgrade lets you use the current version, but it also lets you benefit from three months of free updates!

Just enter your serialkey in the box above and press the button to see your upgrade option.

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