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Economy-x-Talk offers web hosting services for 11 euro per year (or part thereof*). This includes:

  • Fully featured web server, including FTP, POP and IMAP mail, webmail, et cetera
  • Advanced features such as PHP, MySQL databases, adding and running CGI scripts, and much more
  • Remote server management with your own CPanel
  • 500 MB web space (ask for more, if needed)
  • One free support incidence by e-mail

  • Domain Names

    As you can see, we are inexpensive but not cheap. Our web hosting service doesn't include a domain name, but we can help you to get one (keep in mind that a domain name usually costs between 5 and 15 euro/dollar).

    We can arrange a completely free domain name for you. There is nothing you need to do, besides telling which domain name you would like to use.

    You can also create one or more domain names yourself and use them all for the websited that you host with us. To create a free domain name, click on the logo below.

    CO.CC:Free Domain

    More Info

    If you are interested in our web hosting services, please send us a message if you want more information or would like to host your websites with us.

    Terms and conditions

    Instead of boring you with a long list of terms and conditions, we would like to make clear that Economy-x-Talk is eligible to suspend or terminate your account at any time without further notice, without refund. Please, make sure to offer decent and legal content on your website. We provide domain names only to the extend that they are freely available. We will do everything we can to give you the best service possible.

    Subscriptions last from 1 May (or later) until 30 April of the next year. Due to administration costs, we always have to charge the full price, if a subscription starts later or is terminated earlier. We will contact you with information about the renewal of your account on 1 April of every year.

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