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ExtIco2Png External

The ExtIco2Png external has been created by Economy-x-Talk's Windows specialist. The current version of this external converts the 32 bit 48x48 pixels icon to a PNG version for use in LiveCode. The external is super fast and produces beautiful 32 bit pictures with correct alpha mask.


You can download a simple application, which demonstrates the external. The demo is really easy to use. Just drag an ico or exe file into the application window and the icon will appear immediately.

You can download the demo here .

Obtain a License

In order to be able to use the ExtIco2Png external, you need a license. After purchasing the license, you will receive an e-mail with a password and a link to a location where you can find documentation, which enable you to use the external.

Please, note that this external is not included in our donation programme. The ExtIco2Png external has its own license. If you would like anything from the private section of our website, then you still need to donate to get access to the downloads. Also, donating won't give you access to the password and documentation needed to use the ExtIco2Png external

Enter your real name in the text field and click on the Buy Now button. Orders without the required information will be delayed.

It is not allowed to share the documentation and password with others. Every programmer in your company or team needs his or her own personal license. Instructions for distributing the external as part of a final product are included with the documentation. Although your license will usually be sent within 24 hours after purchase, it may take up to 3 days to arrive in your mail box.

Your real name:

Please, read our terms of business before buying a license for the ExtIco2Png external.

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