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HyperCard Conversion

Do you have an (old) HyperCard project that you would like to give a second life? Have you been working on a project for a long time and do you want to turn it into a professional project? We are happy to take your HyperCard project and turn it into a stunning piece of software for you.

We can convert your project to Runtime Revolution or MetaCard, but we can also completely recreate your project as a native Mac OS X application in XCode. We can even produce an iPhone version for you.

Database Transition

A former user of HyperCard wished to transfer her data to FileMaker. She encountered two problems. First, the files had become unaccessible. Each time when she opened the files, HyperCard crashed. Second, the files could not readily be imported into FileMaker, because part of header information was lost after the conversion. Because the files were almost 1 gigabyte in total, e-mailing or otherwise transfering all data was not an option for this client. Our solution to the first problem was to create a little utility to repair the HyperCard files. With this utility, we were able to work on-site without leaving our own office. Once this problem was solved, the client used DIFfersifier to do the conversion. She is now happily using her data with FileMaker for Windows.

More Information

Would you like more information about our HyperCard conversion service? Need a quotation? Please contact us here.

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