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Salery Web Store

The Salery web shop software allows you to create and maintain a database of all the items in your on-line web store and publish the database in the form of web pages. If you have a homepage, you can update your web store from within Salery without using separate FTP software. Salery web store software is the perfect solution for small on-line businesses.
Salery is now able to generate a web store in Spanish or English! In version 1.1.5, the Spanish website is almost complete (some texts are still in English) and version 1.1.6 will perfectionize this feature. Download Salery 1.1.5 now and make sure to check back for 1.1.6 regularly. A new version will be released anytime soon!
Salery works with the following operating systems: Mac OS X, Windows 95, 98, XP and Vista, and Linux. For each operating system, you need to download the appropriate version. If you would like to buy a license for an operating system which is not listed above, for example your favourite Unix flavour, please contact us.
Salery web store software works on any computer with at least 32MB built-in memory and 3MB free hard disk space. Additional hard disk space is required if the picture library is enabled and memory requirements may increase with the size of the database.
Click on the screenshot above to see an example of a web store created with Salery web store software.
Want to set up a web shop but don't have an FTP account? Contact us and request an account, such as or for only 10 euro! Just write an e-mail to and tell use you need an account.

Download Salery Web Store Software

Below, you can download Salery for MacOS X, Windows and Linux.
Operating SystemDownload
Please note that Salery for Mac OS 9 and Linux have not been updated. If you need to run Salery 1.1.2 on Mac OS 9 or Linux, please contact us with your request.
Unregistered copies of Salery export only the first item in your web store, either on your hard disk or to your FTP account. This allows you to explore the software, but you cannot create a complete web store until you have registered. Visit the Salery homepage to buy a license. Registered users get access to all features of the software. Make sure to read the license conditions before buying or using Salery web store software.

A license costs 29 euro. You can use the button below to visit the PayPal website and make your payment.

Salery license

Operating System

You don't need to have a PayPal account, as you can use your credit card. Once you have paid, we will send you your license as soon as possible. Usually, you will receive your license within 24 hours. You may want to contact us if you don't receive your license within 3 days.

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