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ExtTextInputMode External

The external extTextInputMode returns the current input method, i.e. the language of the currently selected keyboard.

Minimum requirements: iOS 4.2 and later.

This external was compiled for arm7 and works correctly on iPhone 3GS and later and on other iOS devices with an arm7 CPU.


get extCurrentInputMode()

The extCurrentInputMode function returns the language code of the currently selected input method. For British English it returns "en", for American English it returns "en-US", for Dutch it returns "nl", for Arabic it returns "ar" etc (always without quotes).

put extInputModeInfo()

The extInputModeInfo function returns copyright info.

if extInputModeVersion() < 1 then beep

The extInputModeVersion function returns the version number.


This software is unsupported but you can send bug reports through the contact form on Economy-x-Talk's website.


Please read the license conditions and stick to the rules.


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