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Soon to be released: Clipboard Link


Clipboard Link

Clipboard Link is software for sharing the clipboard of your computer with other computers on your local network. To use Clipboard Link, copy a text or picture from any window first and start Clipboard Link. Now start Clipboard Link on another computer on your local network. The name of your first computer will appear in the Clipboard Link window on the second computer. Click the Copy button next to the name of the first computer. The clipboard of the first computer has now been transferred to the second computer.

The picture shows Clipboard Link 1.0b02 running under Windows Vista.

Information about obtaining and licensing Clipboard Link will be available soon.

18 Reasons Why Compiling with RunRev May Fail

What to do when building standalones goes mysteriously wrong?

This post is an update to an earlier post about why one may not be able to build a RunRev standalone. Below follow 18 possible fixes for reasons why compiling a standalone fails. These reasons are not related to each other. You should try them one by one, preferably not in combinations. If all of these possible fixes fail, try to combine those that are most likely to solve the problem.

If you have no clue where to start or if you have tried everything and still can’t create a standalone, feel free to contact me at and ask for help. We will handle your request as a support incident and will charge for it as such.

• try removing passwords from stacks

• try toggling the destroyStack property

• check whether pictures are referenced or imported as controls

• make sure that pictures are in the correct location relative to your stack

• make sure to use relative file paths for portability

• select “Select inclusions” instead of “Search for required inclusions” on the General pane of the standalone application settings

• after selecting “Select inclusions”, make sure that you actually include all components that you need for your stack, this may involve knowing for sure what each component does

• you might try to forget about profiles, just select “Remove all”

• if you build for multipe platforms, try building for one platform at a time

• quit and restart Revolution without saving your project right after building a standalone

• quit and restart Revolution after saving your project and before building a standalone

• when moving your standalone for Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X to a different computer, make sure to create a sit or zip file of your standalone first

• when uploading your compressed standalone or exe file to a server, make sure that your FTP software treats it as binary

• you might try to build a standalone while suppressing messages (see Development menu)

• you might try to build a standalone while suppressing errors (see Development menu)

• if building standalones takes ages, set the cREVKeepDevelopmentProperties of your mainstack to true

• Change the preference “If destroyStack is false, when closing last stack in file:” to something other than “Ask”. This can be found by doing Edit -> Preferences -> Files & Memory.”

• Try setting the cantModify of your stack to false, if you happen to have set this property to true.

If you encounter any unparsed errors while building standalones, you can parse them at

What is my IP address?

Here’s a link to a simple website, showing your IP address.

You can give this number to other people, elsewhere on the internet, to let them know how to connect to your computer. You might also use this website to check which proxy server you are currently using or whether your local and global IP number are the same.

Find out more at

CSV to Tab conversion with RunRev

The csv to tab delimited conversion script, which I just posted on the Revolution Use List. I post it here just in case it is useful to someone. This script doesn’t take returns and tabs inside cells in consideration.

function csv2tab theData
    repeat for each line myLine in theData
         repeat for each word myWord in myLine
              if char 1 of myWord is quote and (char -2 of myWord is
               quote or char -1 of myWord is quote) then
                   replace comma with “<#>” in myWord
              end if
              put myWord after myNewData
         end repeat
         put cr after myNewData
    end repeat
    replace comma with tab in myNewData
    replace “<#>” with comma in myNewData
    return myNewData
end csv2tab

List of RunRev Tutorials

My updated list of Revolution tutorials and tips. (wow!)

Thanks to Judy Perry.

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