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Installer Maker 1.7.14.S

It is a pleasure to announce a new version of the standalone edition of Installer Maker. Installer Maker is a tool for users of RAD tools, which allows you to quickly wrap your software in an installer for distribution.


License Screen of the Installer Window

Installer Maker 1.7.14S contains all bug fixes and new features that have been added to the LiveCode plug-in since the release of IM 1.7.11S. Software that is installed on Mac OS X by an installer created on Windows now has its permissions set correctly (i.e. the software will actually run) and resource forks are now included. Altogether more than 50 bug fixes and new features have been implemented. A complete list of recent changes can be found on the website at and that’s where you will find downloads as well.


Installer Maker Window on Mac OS X 10.6.8

Installer Maker Plugin 1.7.14 for LiveCode and the standalone edition Installer Maker 1.7.14S are free for anyone who bought a license after 20 September 2012. An upgrade license can be purchased for only EUR 16.95 if your license is at most 1 year old. New licenses cost EUR 39.00. Licenses can be purchased at aforementioned website.

Search Field for LiveCode in OSX Style

This search field adjusts its size automatically to the size of its group. Use the pointer toolto select and resize the group.


You can copy this search field and paste it into your own stack. All required scripts are included.
When you type return or enter, the message extSearch is sent together with the long id of the searchfield (actually the group). This allows you to retrieve the textValue property of the search field.

You can get and set the textValue property. The textValue property has 4 possible keys: text,html,utf8, utf16 or rtf. Each key returns the respective text property. The format key is optional ifyou are retrieving or setting plain text (i.e. textValue[“text”] and textValue both work).

An overview of all of Economy-x-Talk’s products and services can be found at and the search field control can be downloaded at

“Where can I find information about Installer Maker?”

We got a request for information about Installer Maker, more specifically for instructions how to use it. We don’t have official documentation yet, but there are several places where you can find useful info. Currentl, there are the following options:

– a slightly old video tutorial at
– a collection of blog posts with announcements, videos and hints at
– the Read Me file
– the tool tips in almost every element of Installer Maker’s interface

You can always contact support with your comments and questions.

How we make our website

We make our website with a very simple CMS. This tool automatically creates all files we need and we only need to add a title in the list on the left and enter the text and a few HTML tags.

Watch on Posterous

Recently, we needed a way to quickly find stray tags. We added a command line utility to validate the HTML code and a brief script that highlights in yellow all the HTML code that appears within one pair of tags. This is also useful to debug HTML code of other projects and thus we made a separate HTML editor with the same validating and highlighting features. Everything was scripted in LiveCode.

Links for Beginners in LiveCode Programming (Update)

Here’s an updated list of websites for starting LiveCode programmers. (wow!)

This is the collection as of November 2012. Please, tell me know if you know about any links that belong in this collection.