Search Field for LiveCode in OSX Style

This search field adjusts its size automatically to the size of its group. Use the pointer toolto select and resize the group.


You can copy this search field and paste it into your own stack. All required scripts are included.
When you type return or enter, the message extSearch is sent together with the long id of the searchfield (actually the group). This allows you to retrieve the textValue property of the search field.

You can get and set the textValue property. The textValue property has 4 possible keys: text,html,utf8, utf16 or rtf. Each key returns the respective text property. The format key is optional ifyou are retrieving or setting plain text (i.e. textValue[“text”] and textValue both work).

An overview of all of Economy-x-Talk’s products and services can be found at and the search field control can be downloaded at

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