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ExtFreeDiscSpace External for LiveCode 5 iOS

ExtFreeDiskSpace is a LiveCode external for iOS, which contains two functions to read the total and freedisk space and returns these values as integers measured in kilobytes.


This script calls the external. It returns the number of available gigabytes in new style (1000kilobytes in a megabyte):

function freeDiskSpace00

  put 1000^2 into mySq1000

  set the numberFormat to “#.00”

  put extFreeDiskSpace()/mySq1000 into myGBs

  return myGBs && “GB”

end freeDiskSpace00

More information is included in the Read Me file.

Note: the current version works with Arm7 processors only.

You can download the external from Economy-x-Talk’s website.

Installer Maker 1.7b04

Currently we are at the 4th beta version of Installer Maker Plugin 1.7. With Installer Maker you can create installers for your standalone applications directly in LiveCode. Version 1.7 now counts 16 new features and bug fixes, each requested by one or more customers.

If you want to find out more about Installer Maker, please check out the website at where you can also download the latest beta version as well as the current official release.


Apparently, there was some confusion about the current special offer, prices and discounts. Let me take the opportunity to explain something.

• Everyone who has bought or buys a license after 1 October 2011 will receive a license for Installer Maker 1.7, regardless of the final release date.
• If you already bought a license in the past three months but before 1 October 2011, you can use the beta versions but may be unable to use the final version of 1.7, depending on the final release date. You might want to renew your license now or when Installer Maker 1.7 is ready for release. When you renew your license, you will receive a big discount (€16.95 instead of €39). You need to enter your old license key on the website to apply for the discount.

• If you bought a license less than a year ago, you can buy a new license with a big discount (€16.95 instead of €39). You need to enter your old license key on the website to apply for the discount.

•If you don’t have a license yet or if you bought Installer Maker longer than a year ago, then the price is €39.

Hopefully this clears it all up.

I would like to urge all current license holders and everyone who submitted a feature request to download and test the beta version. If I don’t hear back from you, I assume that your requested feature was implemented correctly.

Only Today Color Converter Costs $9 Instead of $11

Edit: We extended this offer by 24 hours! You can still get $2 discount until Monday evening 21 November 2011!

We have a nice offer for everyone who has been thinking to buy Color Converter some time but hasn’t done so yet (and for everyone else too).

Just today, 20 November 2011, we are offering our newly released Color Converter 4.0 at the discounted price of $9. That’s 2 dollars less than the normal price.

Go to and enter the coupon code JUST2DAY. The 2 dollar discount will be applied to the price right-away. Easy. Simple.


What else is there to say about this offer? Just go to and check out our products there. Color Converter 4.0 is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

Oh… and make sure to share this with your friends! They might blame you if they find out you didn’t tell them about it!

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