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Installer Maker Spring Offer

Spring being well under way, Economy-x-Talk is having a special Spring offer for Installer Maker license holders. Is your license over a year old? For a limited time, you can now upgrade your license to the latest version for only € 16,95 instead of the normal price of € 39,00. This offer is available until Wednesday 23rd April 2014.

Installer Maker

Installer Maker is a simple tool to create installers for Windows and Mac OS X. Installer Maker comes in two editions: a LiveCode plug-in and a standalone. The plug-in can be used with the commercial edition of LiveCode only, while the standalone version can be used in combination with any edition of LiveCode , Revolution and MetaCard, as well as RealStudio/Xojo, SuperCard, Prezi, HyperStudio etc.

Installer Maker 1.8.2 screen shot

Screen shot of the first screen of Installer Maker 1.8.2.


Normally, licenses cost 39 euro with free updates during the first 3 months after purchase. Upgrades are available for € 16,95 during one year after purchase. Just for one week, we allow everyone to upgrade his or her license at the discounted upgrade price.

To get a new license, go to (plug-in) or (standalone) and enter your license key at the bottom of the page. The page will load again and if you scroll to the bottom of the page again, you will now be able to buy a new license at the discount price. From there, just follow PayPal’s instructions. Shortly after purchase, you will first receive an auto-reply. Your license follows within 24 hours.

Why Upgrade?

Perhaps you didn’t upgrade in the past, because you were missing some essential features? Download the Read Me file from (PDF) and check out the history. You’ll see that many features have been added during the past year. Go to to download the plug-in or to to download the standalone version.

Did you use the plug-in edition with a commercial version of LiveCode and are you moving to the open-source edition? Then download the standalone version. You can always switch from the plug-in edition and back or use them combined.

Installer Maker 1.8.5: Multilingual Installer!

During the 6 years that Economy-x-Talk has been offering Installer Maker software, we received many requests from users. With the start of the 1.8 release cycle, we are working on the implementation of major feature requests. One of these requests involved the implementation of profiles, which we did a few weeks ago.

Language Settings in Installer Window

First screen of an installer created with Installer Maker, showing the language menu option.

The new version of Installer Maker, bearing number 1.8.5, introduces more flexibility with regard to language settings. From now on, you have two options: either set a fixed language and hide the language option menu in the installer or display the option menu in the installer to allow the user to change the language. We are currently working on improving and adding translations. Want to help? Send me a message, e.g. through Twitter.

Additionally, we have started making adjustments to prepare Installer Maker for LiveCode 7. If you are testing Installer Maker with LiveCode 7 and encounter any incompatibilities, please let us know about it.

This update applies to the plug-in version of Intaller Maker only. The standalone verson will be updated shortly. You can download the Installer Maker Plugin for LiveCode from our website.