Economy-x-Talk Releases Installer Maker 1.8.2

A new version of Installer Maker has been released. This update, 1.8.2, is made available as a Plugin for LiveCode as well as a standalone application for users of Xojo, HyperStudion, Prezy, SuperCard and other cross-platform RAD tools.

Installer Maker 1.8.2 allows for saving all settings in a profile. This profile can later be read from disk and re-used for your project again. This way, you don’t need to re-enter all settings and options every time you make your installer. You do need to import your new files. Note that this is a new feature, which we expect to improve in the near future. We appreciate your feedback.

Installer Maker 1.8.2 screen shot

Screen shot of the first screen of Installer Maker 1.8.2.

Additionally, it is no longer possible to accidentally associate the .exe file extension with your executable. We have received 2 reports of users trying to associate the .exe file extension. Although it should be obvious that the .exe file extension whould not be associated with any software, we have decided to disallow the .exe file extension from now on.

The plug-in can only be used with LiveCode 4.5 – 5.x and the commercial version of LiveCode 6 and later. The standalone version of Installer Maker can be used with (almost) any development software package.

Once in a while, we receive a feature request, bug report or other comments. If you decide to send an e-mail about Installer Maker, please include extensive descriptions of the features you request or the bugs you encounter with pictures and other relevant files.

The standalone version of Installer Maker can be downloaded here.

The plug-in version of Installer Maker for LiveCode can be downloaded here.

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