Installer Maker Plugin for Runtime Revolution

Economy-x-Talk has been working on an Installer Maker Plugin for Runtime Revolution. Today, this product is making it’s first careful steps into the world.

The Installer Maker Plugin is a tool to build installers for Windows and Mac OS X from your Revolution standalones. Wrapping a standalone in an installer is just a matter of minutes. There are also special options available, which allow you to include a Read Me file, to start your programme automatically after installation and more.


This is version 1.0 of the Insntaller Maker. There are still a few issues we need to work on, but in it’s current form it should definitely be an interesting product for Runtime Revolution users. The current version works fine on Mac OS X and is being tested on Windows.

Licenses are going to cost 39 euro (approximately 50 dollar). With this product, you will streamline that last part of your production flow: preparing for distribution. Now, you can do it all with one and the same tool: your Runtime Revolution IDE.

There won’t be a trial version, but we will provide ample instructions, pictures and videos. You are always welcome to send e-mails with questions about Installer Maker.

There isn’t even a web store for this freshman yet. If you would like to obtain a license for Installer Maker, please go to and send an e-mail.

Please, keep an eye on this blog. Soon, we will be posting a user manual and tutorials.

Installer Maker can be downloaded directly from

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