Economy-x-Talk releases Installer Maker Plugin 1.4 for LiveCode 4.5

Economy-x-Talk is pleased to announce the release of a new version of the Installer Maker Plugin for Runtime Revolution/LiveCode. The Installer Maker Plugin is a tool to quickly wrap your standalone applications in an installer for Mac OS X or Windows. This new version provides improved 64 bit compatibility (currently being tested) and compatibility with LiveCode 4.5.


The Installer Maker Plugin is a tool to build installers for Windows and Mac OS X from your LiveCode standalones. Wrapping a standalone in an installer is just a matter of minutes. There are also special options available, which allow you to include a Read Me file, to start your programme automatically after installation and more.
The current version works fine on Mac OS X and Windows and is being tested on Linux. We expect to release a new version with Linux compatibility at the end of the year 2010.

A license cost 39 euro (approximately 50 dollar). There won’t be a trial version, but we will provide ample instructions, pictures and videos. A video tutorial is available here. You are always welcome to send e-mails with questions about Installer Maker.

For more information, including downloads, please visit .

A few more important links for Installer Maker users:

Installing the plugin:
Making an installer1:
Quick Guide:

(Currently, the 1.4 version still shows the 1.2 version number. We will release version 1.4.1 very soon and we promise that it will display the correct version number).

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