Installer Maker Plugin 1.5 for LiveCode is now available!

Economy-x-Talk is pleased to announce a big update of the now well-known Installer Maker Plugin for LiveCode.
The Installer Maker Plugin is the easiest way to wrap your LiveCode standalones in an installer. Just create your standalones and drag them into the Installer Maker Plugin window. Without being complicated, the Installer Maker Plugin offers you sufficient options to install your software on almost every Windows PC or Mac.

The new update contains more than a dozen bug fixes and new features. Most of the implemented new features were requested by our customers. Some important changes are: deletion of pictures from the Appearance section is now possible, more and improved language options, parenthesis are now allowed in file paths, more built-in checks and fail-safes to avoid mistakes.


With this new release, we are adjusting our licensing policy to make continuation of this project possible. We provide everyone who buys a (new or upgrade) license with free updates for three months. Currently, everyone can buy an upgrade, regardless of when you bought your license. Soon, you will be eligible for the upgrade price only if you bought your original license less than 1 year ago.

If you bought your license more than a year ago, you might want to buy an upgrade right now, while you can still pay the upgrade price. Upgrades cost EUR 16.95, new licenses cost EUR 39.00. (You can see when your license was created by hovering your mouse over the version number in the bottom-left of the Installer Maker window. The license creation date will appear in the tooltip.)

The new version of the plugin and forms to buy a new license or an upgrade can be found at . If you have any questions, please go to and fill out the web form.

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