Installer Maker 1.6.1 Standalone Edition


About a year and a half ago, Economy-x-Talk released the Installer Maker as a plugin for LiveCode (still Revolution at the time). One of the limitations of the plug-in is that other stacks should be closed before building an installer in the IDE.

We have received many requests to get around this limitation. As a solution, a standalone version of the Installer Maker is now offered. This means that you can experiment in the IDE, save your stacks to your standalone folder, and immediately re-build your installer, without having to set up everything again (as long as you keep Installer Maker running).

Moreover, from now on the Installer Maker allows you to build a test installer without buying a license first. You can run the test installer on the computer on which it is built.

Installer Maker 1.6.2 is the first version that is also available as a standalone. There might be a few small glitches, which will naturally get fixed in due time.

Please, show me that our efforts to meet your requirements are not in vain and upgrade your license or buy one if you haven’t one yet 😉

You can download Installer Maker at

and the Installer Maker Plugin for LiveCode at

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