Live LiveCode Code Event #21 — Looking for Presenters

While the RunRevLive conference is on it’s second day, we are organising the Live LiveCode Code Event for this Saturday already. Unfortunately, we don’t have any presenters yet! It just so happens that all geeks are currently in San José! The good news is that this is an excellent opportunity to do an all-beginners session at the LLCCE.

Have you just started using LiveCode or would you call yourself an intermediate LiveCode programmer? Then we invite you to do a short presentation. Tell us what you (plan to) use LiveCode for, let us know which problems you are struggling with or share your newly found solutions with us.

We are planing to do multiple short sessions this Saturday, each 15 to 20 minutes long. If you have been too shy or if you have always been thinking that you’re not advanced enough, then this is your chance!

More info about the LLCCE is available at Contact me by e-mail or use the web form at to get in touch with me.

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