Event #29

While celebrating the release of LiveCode 4.6.2, we invite you for another edition of the event. This weekend’s event is scheduled for 25th June 2011 at 19:00h GMT (Sat. 22:00 in Moscow, Sat. 20:00 in Paris, Sat. 14:00 in New York, Sat. 11:00 in Los Angeles, Sun. 04:00 in Sydney, Sun. 03:00 in Tokyo, Sun. 2:00 in Beijing; check the correct time in your own time zone).

This time we will have two presentations by one person: Ken Ray. His first presentation will take a look at the new DropTools Palette, how it works, what it does, and how you can develop your own DropTool stacks.

The second presentation will walk through setting up and using the MetaCard IDE, which is a spartan and less intrusive alternative to the LiveCode IDE.

For the second and last time, the European HyperCard User Group (eHUG) is allowed to raffle off a license of DiskDrill, courtesy of Cleverfiles. Disk Drill is data recovery software, a must-have for every Mac user. Find the eHUG website at and visit to learn more about DiskDrill. A DiskDrill license is worth US$ 89. For those who don’t win the license, you can still get a 20% discount by using the coupon code MUGDXDD-CF on the CleverFiles website.

During the event, you will also be able to get a 25% discount on a license for Installer Maker Plugin for LiveCode. You can find more info about the Installer Maker Plugin at and go to for the discounted license.

Make sure to use ChatRev during the happening, otherwise you won’t know where to watch the streams, which will be announced in ChatRev. Download ChatRev here: or enter in the message box:
<pre>go stack URL “” </pre>

We are looking for new presenters! If you would like to participate in the event, please head over to for ideas and leave a comment and/or contact Mark or Björnke. An easy way to contact us is through this web form

See also the following page for the same information:

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