Event #30 Wrap-Up

Last Saturday, 2 July, we had another nice on-line gathering of LiveCode fans. This time we had 2 cool presentations by Judy and Chipp. Additionally, we set a record as the event was attended by over 30 people! Yay!

Judy started the event with a beginners session. She discussed the creation and use of tab buttons and menu buttons. If you have just started using LiveCode, then this video is a must-see. (Unfortunately, I don’t have the download links for Judy’s stacks yet; I might add them to the blog later).

You can watch Judy’s video here:


Chipp showed his new altButton droptool and InterfaceDesigner and talked about the MagicCarpet AutoUpdate Architecture. All attendants were allowed to download a complimentary copy of InterfaceDesigner. At is also a free download of altButton available. Thanks Chipp!

You can find Chipp’s presentation at

The European HyperCard User Group (eHUG, raffled off an e-book courtesy of TidBITS. The e-book was won by Steve. You can find more info on the TC series at

We are still looking for someone to present this Saturday (9 July)!!! If you would like to participate in the event, now or later, please head over to for ideas and contact Mark or Björnke. At you can find a web form that makes it really easy to contact us.
I hope to see you all at the event next time. We will be making announcements on this mailing list and at where you can also find a copy of this text.

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