New: make a contribution and get access to our LiveCode-related downloads

This is a message to all LiveCode users/developers. We’ve made a small change to the Economy-x-Talk website. To obtain access to LiveCode-related downloads, one now needs to make a small financial contribution. An explanation follows below.

Some time ago, I decided that I had to find a way to determine which software is valued and appreciated by the LiveCode community. The solution I have come up with is paid access to sheltered downloads. This system allows me to provide better free software and helps me to have more fun creating software for the LiveCode community. The fun part is hugely important to me.

Most LiveCode software available from Economy-x-Talk, such as libraries and plugins, is still free. However, to obtain access to the free downloads, you are required to make a small financial contribution. You can decide by yourself how much you would like to contribute. I’d be happy to consider your contribution a token of mere appreciation. It is not meant as a fee for license or support. Once you have made your contribution, an account is created for you and you get access to the downloads.

An overview of all currently available downloads is available at with the latest addition being the extSetBadgeNumber external for iOS. This external allows you to add a red circle with a white number (also called a badge) to the icon of your application in the iPhone home screen. The external is currently being tested but seems to work fine so far. Go to to create an account and download the external.

I look forward to sharing more of my creations with you and thank you for your understanding.

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