New: Installer Maker 1.7b01

We at Economy-x-Talk are pleased to announce the first beta version of the Installer Maker 1.7 for LiveCode. After almost half a year of programming, we are now ready to release a beta version into the wild.

This is what the new Installer Maker 1.7 looks like. We have changed the interface completely and have added a really cool new feature: running applications and scripts before and after installation. As you can see, we also removed the old tab bar and added an all-new tool bar in the top of the window. Needless to say, while working on these features, we fixed many bugs and added several other features requested by our customers.

Click on the picture for a large version.


The picture shows the panel to set up additional applications and scripts. If a LiveCode stack is selected, you will be able to choose a handler name to run when the stack opens.

Installer Maker 1.7 works as a plugin with LiveCode 5.0. Naturally, you can also use the standalone version of the Installer Maker to create installers for SuperCard, MetaCard, RealBasic, HyperStudio or simply for any collection of files.

Here’s a list of new features in Installer Maker 1.7:

  • We have reworked the interface, particularly by removing the tab bar and adding a completely new tool bar
  • The ability to run scripts and applications before and after running the installer has been added; supported are: Revolution/LiveCode/MetaCard stacks, AppleScript (.scpt) files, Visual Basic Script (.vbs) files, Mac OS X applications (.app) and Windows executables (.exe)
  • Commandkey-1 to Commandkey-5 are handled ‘slightly’ better in the IDE
  • In de Edit tab, files could sometimes not be removed; this bug has been fixed
  • on Mac OS X, the installer log is now UTF8 encoded
  • this version is meant to be compatible with LiveCode 5 (please report any problems)
  • this version is also meant to be compatible with Lion (please report any problems)
  • install optional alias in Dock on Mac OS X
  • we disabled arrow key navigation in the Installer Maker window because it was confusing
  • small language improvements in German installers
  • we have added an optional default license text (English only for now)


Special Offer

Any new or upgrade license bought after 1 October 2011 is valid for the final release of Installer Maker Plugin 1.7. Buy a license for Installer Maker 1.6 or renew your current license and get 1.7 for free. This offer is valid regardless of when we officially publish the final version of Installer Maker 1.7. Any license comes with at least 3 months of free updates from the official release date onwards.

The LiveCode plugin and licenses can be obtained from our website.

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