Installer Maker 1.7.4Sb01 Available for Testing!

Installer Maker is a programme that wraps your software in a nice and easy installer. Installer Maker 1.7.4Sb01 contains more than 20 new features and bug fixes. Installer Maker creates installers of your software for Mac OS X and Windows and is especially convenient for users of RAD environments such as RealStudio, SuperCard and LiveCode.

Currently, the official standalone version of Installer Maker is 1.6.1. This version is almost a year old. During that year, we added many new features, which were included in the plugin version for LiveCode but not in the standalone version. We are now releasing Installer Maker 1.7.4Sb01, which includes all new features.


Note that 1.7.4Sb01 is a beta version. It may work or fail completely. Economy-x-Talk doesn’t bear any responsibility for any problems caused by Installer Maker. See also our business terms and the license included with the software.

There are 4 different versions (for Mac OS X PPC, Mac OS X Intel, Mac OS X Universal and for Windows), which you can download here.

Do you like Installer Maker? You can buy a license with a 25% discount until Friday 9 March! Go to to get your discount! The discount applies to both the standalone and the plugin version of Installer Maker.

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