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I’m writing a new book about LiveCode, to be released in a few months. I’m looking for a volunteer who wants to proof read the book. The book is in English and you need to be a CS teacher. Currently, one person is proof reading and I think there should be another one to make sure that all mistakes are found.

What you get:
– You get to read the book before (almost) anyone else;
– Evidently, you get a free copy of the book;
– You help to decide what students will learn in class (very useful if you’re using LiveCode as a teacher);
– Your name will be mentioned in the book and you can put that on your resume if you want.

What I’m looking for:
– You need to have fluent English skills;
– You need to be a CS teacher;
– it isn’t required to be familiar with LiveCode;
– you need to have loads of spare time during the next 3 months.

Just send me an e-mail if you’re interested. You can also send me a message on Twitter or Facebook.

Feel free to forward this message to anyone who might be interested.

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