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Only 11 Free Licenses Left!


Color Converter is one of Economy-x-Talk’s most popular products. Use this programme to choose a colour from several commonly used colour spaces or enter a colour value and convert it to any of the other available colour spaces. Available colour spaces are RGB, H.Lab, Hex/HTML, HSV, RAL, XYZ and Unix colour names. A value for brightness is also given. Additionally, Color Converter resizes pictures and converts file formats (GIF, JPG and PNG).


Economy-x-Talk is now giving away a total value of ¢400/$500 in Color Converter licenses. All you need to do is go to the Facebook page at http://qurl.tk/gn and click on the Like button. There’s nothing easier than that and you get a completely free license in return!

As soon as 50 people like Economy-x-Talk on Facebook, we will send out the licenses. Please, come back to the Economy-x-Talk page regularly, because that’s where you will be able to read how to obtain your license key for Color Converter. Be quick, because there are only 11 more licenses left to give away!


Free Software!

Everybody who ‘likes’ Economy-x-Talk on Facebook will receive a free license as soon as we have 50 fans. Just press the ‘Like’ button on our Facebook page and check back later to read how to obtain your license. Don’t forget to ask your friends to ‘Like’ Economy-x-Talk too. The more people do this, the more quickly you get your free gift.

As soon as Economy-x-Talk has 50 fans on Facebook, we will be sending you your free license. If we have more than 50 fans on 30 Sept 2010, we will still send all fans a free license for Color Converter. Spread the word, on Facebook and Twitter. Do your friends this favour and let them know about this completely free gift. The more people you tell about this offer, the more quickly you will have your free license.

Here’s the text you can post on Twitter (or anywhere else):

‘Like’ Economy-x-Talk on Facebook now and get a free Color Converter license http://qurl.tk/gn #freebie Please RT

Color Converter can be used to convert color values between various colour spaces, such as RGB, CMYK, RAL, XYZ and Unix colour names. Additionally, Color Converter resizes your pictures more easily and quickly than any other programme, as it takes away the need to even think about the actual size of a picture: just enter the size of the area you want your picture to fit in. More information about Color Converter at: http://www.color-converter.com/

New Simple Calculator

MyCalculator is different from the calculators you are used to, but it is more than simple. It doesn’t have any buttons to click on, it doesn’t require mouse movements and mouse clicks, avoiding confusion as well as RSI.

To use MyCalculator, just start the programme and watch a window appear. Always start typing on a new line. For example, enter


and you will get 3 as a result. Or enter


and you’ll get -2 as a result. The big advantage is that your equation looks (almost) as in the text books and you can always look up what you have entered, contrary to conventional calculators.


MyCalculator is freeware. It is currently available for Mac OS X 10.3 and later and comes in a version for PowerMac and another version for Mac Intel. You can download your free calculator at http://qurl.tk/4y .