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Buy a Valentine Gift and get TwistAWord for free!

NIJMEGEN (THE NETHERLANDS), 9 February 2010 — Do you want to send your beloved a token of your feelings? Then Economy-x-Talk has a special gift for you! Buy flowers, jewelry or another present now and receive the game TwistAWord for free.


TwistAWord is a great computer game for kids and adults who want to practise their language skills. Choose from 8 different languages, including English and Spanish, and put together phrases from the words presented to you. The sentences are well-known sayings and quotes from famous native speakers. Who is going to gather the more points, you or your Valentine?


TwistAWord contains hundreds of phrases in 8 languages, including Latin. It selects a phrase randomly, jumbles it and displays it. Use the mouse or pen device to drag the words into the correct order. If you make a mistake, the game gives you a hint and lets you try again. This way, you test your capabilities and learn new phrases at the same time.

TwistAWord is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS X and can be downloaded from its own website. Unregistered copies quit every 10 minutes, but you can always start the game again. Volume discounts and branding options are available.

The regular price for this game is EUR 14.95, but now you’ll get it for free with your Valentine gift!

CelerLEX Plus released!

Economy-x-Talk has just finished a new product in our range of CelerLEX products. CelerLEX Plus contains the complete texts of the law regaring the Spanish Oficina Judicial. Contrary to CelerLEX Lite, which includes only the paragraphs that changed after the law reform, CelerLEX Plus contains all legal texts. Additionally, CelerLEX Plus offers tools to search articles by words or article numbers.


CelerLEX Lite and CelerLEX Plus can be found on the dedicated website at http://www.celerlex.com. You need a license to use the software, which you receive automatically by e-mail, immediately after paying.