Economy-x-Talk Releases Color Converter 3.0

NIJMEGEN (THE NETHERLANDS), 3 September 2010 — Economy-x-Talk has released Color Converter 3.0. Color Converter is a low-cost colour conversion tool for professional designers and everyone who needs to work with colour on a computer. This tool encodes colour values from and to any of the following colour spaces: CMYK, H.Lab, HEX/HTML, HSV, RAL, RGB, XYZ and X11 Colour Names. Additionally, it provides an RGB-based brightness value.

Color Converter can also analyse any area of your (primary) screen and display a colour histogram based on the results of the analysis. A long list of X11 colour names is easy to search and colour names can be converted to all other colour spaces with a click of the mouse. With the release of Color Converter 3, we have added the ability to resize pictures.

“We started with a very tiny utility, with RAL-to-RGB conversion only” says Mark Schonewille, spokesman of Economy-x-Talk, “and have developed the software into a light-weight but sophisticated conversion tool. I’m really delighted to see how popular this programme has become amongst both amateur and professional graphical designers.” He adds: “With the addition of the resizing tools, Color Converter has not become more than just a colour analysis tool. It has become really a handy utility that you will be using all day long.”

Color Converter 3.0 can be downloaded from it’s own website. The software is available for MS Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Color Converter 3 is free a free update for current license holders of Color Converter 2.

For more information about Economy-x-Talk, please visit:

Color Converter and screenshots of the program can be found at:

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