MySQL solution for LiveCode which “just works”

If you don’t like bragging, just ignore this post and move on 🙂

I believe many are waiting for LiveCode features that just work out of the box. An important example of this is unicode, which is still a big problem in many respects. For example, while unicode is pretty much the standard for exchange of data among programmes and between programmes and the operating system nowadays, LiveCode still doesn’t let you retrieve unicode text directly from the command line, external plugins and database drivers. Fortunately, LiveCode’s TCP sockets allow for exchange of binary data, thereby creating an opportunity to retrieve unicode data.

The past few days, I created a simple command line interface to send commands to a php script on a server. Together with PHP, this interface makes MySQL just work –something I can’t resist showing off.


The last 5 lines show how I can save Japanese characters to the database and get them back as Japanese characters. Nothing special you might say, as a C++ programmer, but for LiveCode it is quite something, made possible by using PHP as a layer between LiveCode and MySQL.

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