Color Converter 4.3 Includes a New Color Picker Tool!

Economy-x-Talk has released Color Converter 4.3. Color Converter is a low-cost colour conversion tool for professional designers and everyone who needs to work with colour on a computer. This tool encodes colour values from and to any of the following colour spaces: CMYK, H.Lab, HEX/HTML, HSV, RAL, RGB, XYZ and X11 Colour Names. Additionally, it provides an RGB-based brightness value.


Color Converter can also analyse any area of your (primary) screen and display a colour histogram based on the results of the analysis. A long list of X11 colour names is easy to search and colour names can be converted to all other colour spaces with a click of the mouse. In version 3 we added the ability to resize pictures. The current new release adds four colour filters, allowing you to export the red, green, blue and gray channels of your picture files.

New in Color Converter 4.3 is the ability to pick a colour from anywhere on the screen, using the new color picker tool at the bottom of the Color Converter window. we have also fixed a problem, which occurred when converting a RAL value to other colour spaces.

Color Converter 4.3 can be downloaded from and is available for MS Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

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