Halloween Discount on Installer Maker

Today and only today Economy-x-Talk offers a 33% discount on new Installer Maker licenses. This means that you pay €26.13 instead of €39.00.

Installer Maker creates installers for Windows and Mac OS X. Installer Maker comes in two versions. There is a plugin for LiveCode, which lets you build an installer with only LiveCode and no additional software. A standalone version, which doesn’t require LiveCode, is also available.

Note: it is recommended to read the feature list on the website and download and test the software before purchasing. If you have any questions, feature requests or bug reports, please contact me.

Go to http://qery.us/za for more information and downloads. The discount also applies to the standalone version of Installer Maker, which you can find at http://qery.us/oc. To purchase a license, don’t click on the PayPal button on the website but open http://qery.us/397 (Plimus) in your browser and enter the coupon code HALLOWN1.

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