LiveCode Meeting in Breda, the Netherlands

On 20st July 2013, eHUG organised a meeting of LiveCode users in Breda, the Netherlands. This was the second meeting dedicated to LiveCode, one year after the first meeting. There were 10 participants from Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland. We had a good time, drinking coffee and juice, and eating Swiss chocolates.


Karin, an IT pro who is just starting with LiveCode, showed her one of the first iOS apps she made. Clicking on the body parts in a diagram of a human body, one gets access to information from a SQLite database. By Marc’s request, Jan showed Marco two ways to animate the sliding in and out of panels on iOS. Following up on Jan, Bj√∂rnke demonstrated sliding groups in BvG Docu. John showed a game, which is used to teach accounting to students. We also discussed some problems, which he encountered while working with MySQL in connection to the game.


All other participants told us about the way they use LiveCode and we had long chats about scripting problems and possible solutions. The question that always comes back is: how many use LiveCode. Conclusion: wo don’t know. Perhaps there are up to 3500 commercial license holders. We didn’t have enough time to do everything we planned for. Next time, we’ll still have plenty to talk about.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

We also raflled off a copy of the TopXNotes software and the eBook Take Control of Mountain Lion, written by Matt Neuburg.

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