Book ‘Programming LiveCode for the Real Beginner’ Is Available Again!

The first print of the book “Programming LiveCode…” sold out in just over a month. Everybody who took an interest in the book was asked to do the survey at (which you can still fill out if you want) and that made it clear that we are doing things pretty much the right way. So, we’ve decided to print more books, after making a few small corrections.

Programming LiveCode for the Real Beginner, by Mark Schonewille

Programming LiveCode for the Real Beginner, by Mark Schonewille. Front and back sides of the book. ISBN not confirmed yet.

I haven’t changed much because I want teachers and students to be able to use the two prints next to each other. Nonetheless, I went through my book once more and corrected a few dozens of small typos. Where possible, I improved any confusing phrases. You can find the most important changes at . I’ll be extending the list of errata during the next few weeks.

Besides corrections, the new print has a slightly heavier soft cover and a better index. If you still have any comments or questions while reading the book, you can post them on our Q&A site at .

An important change, partly due to the survey results, is the minimum order size that qualifies as a bulk order. From now on, if you order at least 10 books, you may qualify for a big discount (this used to be 25 books). Contact me off-list for more information.

If you bought the book recently, we’ll be shipping it within a few days. Books purchased after today will be shipped within 2 weeks. DHL needs at most 3 weeks to deliver the package, while you should normally get it within 1 week after we ship it.

More info about the book can be found at

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