LiveCode Meeting Switzerland 2014


Saturday, 28th June 2014, we had a very interesting LiveCode meeting, organised by Bjoernke with a little help from me. This time, we met in Z├╝rich, Switzerland.


After several short presentations about DataGrid Helper, SuperCard, Installer Maker, Animation Engine, ChartsEngine and LiveCloud, we raffled off a number of licenses and a copy of the book “Programming LiveCode for the Real Beginner”. We had interesting discussions, mostly about RunRev’s responsiveness to inititatives from within the user community. Perhaps, RunRev could endorse community-based initiatives more often and more clearly.


Afterwards, a small group went to a restaurant. We asked ourselves why LiveCode doesn’t spread amongst target groups more quickly. We also talked long about how young people pick up programming as a leisure activity and, later, as a (professional) skill. It was a very interesting day with some very interesting people.

The next meeting is on 20th September 2014 in the Netherlands. If you can, you really should join us!


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