Start Menu in Windows 9

A video is now circulating, which shows the Start Menu in Windows 9. While “Start” was completely removed from Windows 8, a Start button was restored in Windows 8.1. It still didn’t provide the complete functionality of the Start Menu of earlier version of windows. Earlier rumours suggested that the Start Menu would reappear in Windows 8.2, but apparently we’ll have to buy a Windows upgrade only to get back what should have been ours all along. Click on the picture to view video in new window.

Other rumours said we’d get a Start Menu on desktop devices and an RTE environment (the brick wall) on mobile devices.

I expect most LiveCode versions to work fine on Windows 9, but you might experience small problems with file paths, user permissions and security-related issues. What these problems, if any, would be exactly, remains unclear for now. Installer Maker is expected to work correctly too.

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