Important Information about LiveCode Meeting 20 Sept. 2014

This blog post provides information about the LiveCode meeting of 20 September 2014 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I’ll write this e-mail in English only, because it is late at night and I need to get the message out. Just ask me, if anything seems unclear.

On Saturday 20 September 2014, eHUG organises a LiveCode meeting. You are invited to join the event. Entrance is free, but drinks are at your own expense.

Although it is going to be a rather informal meeting, I have put a few things on the agenda that we need to deal with, in no particular order.

Utrecht in Summer

Utrecht in Summer


1) Welcome and chat (usually, this happens at the beginning, but we might save it for the end)
2) A quick introduction of all the products we’ll be raffling off
3) The raffle
4) An introduction by Jerry Daniels about LiveCode in the enterprise from a consulting developer’s point of view, followed by a discussion
5) An introduction to Kresten Bjerg’s Phenomenalog by Mark Schonewille, followed by discussion
6) More discussion and chitchat
7) After the meeting, we will decide about food or beveredges or both
8) There is a plan to go to the Apple museum in Orvelte on Sunday. Let me know if you want to join us.
?) If there is anything else you would like to put on the agenda, just tell me by e-mail

There is plenty of time left in our schedule and we invite you to send in proposals for discussion topics and presentations. If you have been struggling with a question for a long time, you can ask the attendants for an answer; if you have a cool trick, you can show us; if you have a product to announce, you can give a demonstration; etc. Obviously, you can also just attend the meeting.

NH Hotel in Utrecht

NH Hotel in Utrecht

location and time

The meeting takes place in the foyer of NH Hotel in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The address is:

Jaarbeursplein 24
3521 AR Utrecht
The Netherlands

When you enter the railway station, follow the signs to Jaarbeurs. The hotel is not in the old city centre but on the other (east) side of the railway station. You can find a map at

The meeting starts at 13:00h. exactly and finishes no later than 17:00h.

Map of Utrecht Central Station with the old city on the right (west) and the hotel on the left (east)

Map of Utrecht Central Station with the old city on the right (west) and the hotel on the left (east)

Map of Utrecht Central Station

Map of Utrecht Central Station


RunRev provides a 20% discount on the Indy license for all participants

Roger Wagner allows us to raffle off a free license for HyperStudio

Björnke von Gierke donates a free license for ChartsEngine

Mark Schonewille donates a free copy of the book “Programming LiveCode for the Real Beginner” as well as a big discount on licenses for Installer Maker

We also give away an e-book from TidBITS’ Take Control series. You can choose a book about Yosemite or one about iOS 8.

Do you have a product to give away or would you like to demonstrate your own software? I’ll be happy to include you in the schedule!

A little more info

If you would like to be informated about new events or if you simply want to stay in touch, you have a few options.

Ask me to put you on the mailing list! I’ll send you an e-mail every time an event is organised. Just send me an e-mail.

You can also follow me on Twitter. My Twitter name is xtalkprogrammer. You can also find me on LinkedIn and Facebook as marksch.

There is a great Facebook group about LiveCode. Go to and join us.

If you have any questions about Saturday, you can send me a message on Skype. My Skype name is xtalkprogrammer.

The Apple Museum in the Netherlands. Are you curious to see what's inside?

The Apple Museum in the Netherlands. Are you curious to see what’s inside?

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