New URL Shortening Service!


The team has added a neat feature to the website. As you probably know, is a url shortening service. Often, very long URL’s tend to break when you send them over the internet. You can use the service to turn very long URL’s, such as…. into short URL’s such as (please don’t click these URL’s, they won’t lead anywhere). You can use the short URL in your e-mail, Skype chat, AIM et cetera, without worrying about the URL arriving correctly at the other side.


The top-right of the updated website

The new feature makes it still easier to create short URL’s. In the top-right of the website, you will find a gray button. Drag this button to your bookmarks bar or right-click on the button and save it as a bookmark in your links collection or favourites. Now you can simply choose the bookmark or click on the Qery button in the bookmarks bar to create a short URL for the site you are currently visiting. Just give it a try!


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