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Create short URL’s to your WordPress blog posts (with link to PHP code)

This is a very simple hint for those who have at least a minimum amount of knowledge about PHP programming.

Qurl.tk is a service to create short URLs. For example, it allows you to replace a very long URL such as http://paulocoelhoblog.com/2010/11/18/falling-in-love-takes-a-fifth-of-a-second/ into a very short URL like http://qurl.tk/kr. Both URLs lead to the same internet page.

It is incredibly easy to add a small Qurl.tk button to your WordPress blog to create short URLs to your blog post. Such a button makes it much easier for your readers to copy a URL to include it in their e-mails, chat sessions and Facebook pages. Here’s how to do it.

WordPress’ source code consists of PHP files, containing a mixture of JavaScript, plain HTML and PHP. Just find the right place in WordPress’ PHP files. You will want to put the button either in a sidebar or in a footer.
Now insert the following line, which is a combination of HTML and PHP, into the location of your choice (unfortuantely, I have to insert the code as a picture because Posterous doesn’t allow for including any html syntax in a blog post):


For your convenience, there is a file with the same code available here.

That’s all! Now you can just click the little button on your WordPress blog and Qurl.tk will let you create the short URL to your blog post right-away.

Better and Simpler URL Shortening

We have just made a few important corrections to the gray bookmarklet button in the top-right of the Qery.us website. This button is labelled “Qery”.

Previously, not all (very) long URL’s were copied correctly into the text field on the website. We have corrected this and have made sure that every URL is always copied correctly from the browser location bar (usually at the top of your browser window) into the text field on the Qery.us website.

What should you do?

If you have previously dragged the gray bookmarklet button onto your bookmarks bar or if you have saved this bookmarklet as a link in your collection of links or favourites, you should now remove that bookmarklet or link. After deleting the old bookmark, you can simply drag the updated button from the Qery.us website onto your bookmarks bar again, or save it to your links or favourites like before.

We hope that this update will make Qery.us even more useful for you.


New URL Shortening Service!


The Qery.us team has added a neat feature to the Qery.us website. As you probably know, Qurl.tk is a url shortening service. Often, very long URL’s tend to break when you send them over the internet. You can use the Qery.us service to turn very long URL’s, such as http://www.ebay.com/this-is-a-very-long-…. into short URL’s such as http://qery.us/xy (please don’t click these URL’s, they won’t lead anywhere). You can use the short URL in your e-mail, Skype chat, AIM et cetera, without worrying about the URL arriving correctly at the other side.


The top-right of the updated Qery.us website

The new Qery.us feature makes it still easier to create short URL’s. In the top-right of the Qery.us website, you will find a gray button. Drag this button to your bookmarks bar or right-click on the button and save it as a bookmark in your links collection or favourites. Now you can simply choose the Qery.us bookmark or click on the Qery button in the bookmarks bar to create a short URL for the site you are currently visiting. Just give it a try!


New URL Shortening Service!

URL’s can become ridiculously long and complicated. A link to search results on Google, a blog post with a very long title, the address of an item on your favorite auction site, they all tend to be much longer then practical, if you want to send these links to your friends, using e-mail, Skype, AIM, or if you want to include them in your blog post.


The solution is Qurl.tk. With Qurl.tk you can turn your impractiually long URL’s into short, easy to handle web addresses. It literally takes only a few seconds to open Qurl.tk and make your URL shorter with a push on a button. At only 10 characters long at the start in 2010, Qurl.tk is shorter than most of it’s competitors.

The members of the Qurl.tk team hope that you will enjoy this new service. Remember, it is entirely free!